P.L.X.T.X tour dates

P.L.X.T.X (pronounced Pluto), began his journey in music at age 11, forming various rock bands through grade school and high school till settling for a laptop computer. In his youth, he stammered severely, couldn't introduce himself to people or speak on the telephone. Art was his escape from the hardship of speaking, still stuttering till this day.

Established in April of 2012, he produces music solely on trackers utilizing sampler techniques; composing Digital Hardcore intermix with IDM/Breakcore music. Though his songs are aggressive, he dabbles in other styles and forms of songwriting.

He creates light installations that go hand to hand with his performance, sometimes bringing a sound-system for guerrilla floor performances. P.L.X.T.X tours Japan constantly in hopes of international recognition.

* P.L.X.T.X is sometime written as PLXTX.
* 日本語: プルート / 冥王星


# 2019
· Houston Chronical Newspaper interview: Hiss and tell: Local noise bands celebrate the cassette (online and print) 03.03.2019. Link / Scan

# 2016
· Nominated for "Heavy/Angry Band" in Houston Press Music Awards 2016 (only computer musician out of the running nominees). Link / Screen Shot

# 2015
· Houston's 10 most eccentric musicians 2015 Screen Shot
· Nominated for "Best Experimental/Noise" for Houston Press Music Awards 2015. Link / Screen Shot
· Houston's Five Best Experimental/Noise Records of 2015 P.L.X.T.X, "love street light circus feel good machine" Link / Screen Shot

# 2014
· Houston's Five Best Experimental/Noise Records of 2014 P.L.X.T.X, "P.L.X.T.X/Spathic split tape" Link / Screen Shot
· Nominated for "Best Experimental/Noise" for Houston Press Music Awards 2014. Link / Screen Shot

# 2013
· Nominated for "Best Experimental/Noise" for Houston Press Music Awards 2013. Link / Screen Shot

Shared the stage with:

· Peelander-Z [JP / NYC] 09.09.2016 at Fitzgeralds Houston Screen Shot

· Melt-Banana [Tokyo, JP] 09.05.2015 at Fitzgeralds Houston Screen Shot

· Ultra Bidé [Kyoto, JP] 01.19.2014 at Rudyards Houston Screen Shot

Past tours

JAPAN 2013 w/ Giant Battle Monster (July 2013 // Tokyo & Osaka)
日本2014ツアー (Apr. 2014 // Osaka & Tokyo)
OSAKA TOUR (July 2014)
日本2015ツアー (Dec. 2014 going into Jan. 2015 // Osaka & Kyoto)
日本2015ツアー サーマー (June-July 2015 // Osaka & Kyoto)

DISCO /////////////////////////////////////////////////////

Offical Releases

TIME [Self release - JUL 2012] - Cassette, CDR, & Digital
CIRCLE, ON THIS STAR (single) [self release - OCT 2012] - Digital
SELECTIVE MUTISM LP [self release - APR 2013] - Cassette, CDR & Digital
P.L.X.T.X - SPATHIC Split Tape [冥王星録音 Meiousei Records - Dec. 2014] - Cassete & Digital
love street light circus feel good machine (冥王星録音 Meiousei Records - July 2015 NETLABEL DAY) - Digital


TIME (SCREWED) [self release - NOV 2012] - Cassette & Digital
SELECTIVE SCREW [冥王星録音 Meiousei Records- FEB 2014] - Cassette & Digital
P.L.X.T.X Discography 2012-2013 [冥王星録音 Meiousei Records- Sept. 2014] - CDR & Digital

Blood Stamp Discography

This concept is about adding a bit of 'me' into the project. A unique signature no one can recreate.

Selective Mutism LP - Cassette
P.L.X.T.X / Spathic - split tape

Music videos

Death Squads! (SCREWED) [Music Video] - 2014

A Thousand Eyes Stare [Music Video] - 2012


Hokage [Osaka, JP] - 2014

FEVER [Tokyo, JP] - 2013

ASL TV [Houston, TX] - 2012